Monday, June 29, 2015


People have asked me, "Obie, how do you do it?"

When my mind returns from the gutter; I simply say, "Time, effort, and patience"

The following blog is a walk through of what I have been doing to make a few extra bucks to spend on fun things. Today's budgets have us working and working, with very little in return for extras. I got tired of it and I looked into how to make a few bucks on the side.

Moving forward, I will be sharing my tips and how to's with anyone that would like to try.

I will put straight links and referral links for each program I am using. If you wish to help me out in continuing to make these entries, sign up as a referral. If you are not into that who referral thing, click the straight link.

Most of all, have a reachable goal. Aim low at first to get the hang of things and then ramp up. Most people I have given advice to go nuts trying to make as much as possible, and I appreciate that enthusiasm, but this is NOT a replacement of a job. While there are such locations online, I am focusing on the pocket change, or as I like to call it, Beer Money.

Thank you for checking out my site and I truly hope it helps.